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25 years old of experiences in Subtitling, From classic to Live, From Teletext and Ceefax to unicode and EBU TT.

Ecosm is proud to announce the Development of a new range of products dedicated to this market. Managed by the creator of Ayato and the team of Ayato 3, Protitle Live and Media Title, ECOSM will be, again, the precursor in term of inovation in subtitling world.


The project name is CreasySub and will be on the market for IBC 2022 (September).
Creasy as easy, Creasy as Crazy.
Some of the features will be: Audio Extraction, Speech to Tech, Auto Translation, Correctors, collaborative mode and many other new innovations to help the human and not the robots to create subtitles, captions and adaptations, lisible and of quality.