ECOSM is a company created in 2019, Located in Montpellier, in the south of the France, ECOSM benefit of 25 years experience of founders in Broadcast solutions, Digital Media Asset management and, more that in Subtitling solutions.
ECOSM is designed to answer to multi furnishers integration problems with our Softwares and gateway's on the shelf. But also, and it's the most important , designing and developping a new version of Subtitle and captions editor, revolutionary, speedest, powerfull and integrating many tools to help the translators and adaptators to increase their productivity without adding stress.
Stephane Jones, Creator of Ayato, Protitle, G5000, Exs and recently the famous Video Server PIKO, Co Founder of Ninsight in 2002 is at the head of the software development, communication and sales are managed by Emmanuel de la Torre, under the management of Jean-Marie Barthelemy, Ninsight Founder, but it was another story...

Keep in touch with us to get informations about the tests and delivery schedule.

Psst. The Code Name of the new project is .. CreasySub.



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