Open MAM software on a computer

First solution of


By simple configuration, it can be used, as well for broadcast, production, archiving and/or for distribution media management.


It is the main storage for all types of files. You will keep and quickly find all your files among your devices connected to the Traffic Management. WARP is highly inovative because it integrated all traditional tools used daily by our customers and smart tools issued of new technologies.

Usually, MAM software constrains customers to adapt their job to the solution. Our solution adapts to customers' needs. WARP also integrates an optional, but free, Traffic Management to help TV to manage their channels, for traditional broadcasting and also for web streaming.


Is it hybrid, because WARP is the best of two worlds. Imagine a simple window explorer, able to preview, edit, manage all kinds of media and a powerful database, easily configurable for any jobs, including workflow engines, archive management, delivery, rights, VOD, etc... From fast channels to premium TV, WARP and Traffic is .. all inclusive.

A real Traffic manager multi channel is included in the solution.


Single to multi-clients (unlimited and rankable)

Preview the media in their native formats

Storage / Share / Archiving

Embedded transcoder

Web Management

VOD Third party ready

Document Management

Face-recognition to help automatic documentation

Scene shot detection

Audio analysis Speech to text

Subtitling Management

Embedded Traffic Management

Embedded Workflow Manager


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